This is a list of contributions. The abstracts and contributions, as far as released are available at the procedings site.

Thursday Poster Session

THAP01 Anatoly O. Sidorin: Electron Cooling for Arbitrary Distribution of Electrons
THAP02 Alexander V. Smirnov: Implementation of synchrotron motion in barrier buckets in the BETACOOL program
THAP03 Claude Krantz: An Ultracold Cryogenic Photoelectron Source for the TSR Electron Target
THAP04 Alexander Bubley: Optimization of the Magnet System for Low Energy Coolers
THAP06 Alexan. V. Shemyakin: Electron Cooling in the Recycler Cooler
THAP08 Alexan. V. Shemyakin: Electron Cooling Measurements in the Recycler Cooler
THAP09 Lionel R. Prost: Beam-based Field Alignment of the Cooling Solenoids for Fermilab's Electron Cooler
THAP10 Björn Galnander: Status of the Design Work Towards an Electron Cooler for HESR
THAP12 Yaroslav S. Derbenev: Electron Cooling Design for ELIC - a High Luminosity Electron-Ion Collider
THAP13 Rolf Stassen: Recent Developments for the HESR Stochastic Cooling System
THAP14 Claudius Peschke: Pick-Up Electrode System for the CR Stochastic Cooling System
THAP15 Valeri A. Lebedev: Beam Based Measurements Stochastic Cooling Systems in Fermilab
THAP16 Valeri A. Lebedev: New Equalizers for Antiproton Stochastic Cooling at Fermilab
THAP19 Takashi Kikuchi: Influences of Space Charge Effect during Ion Accumulation using Moving Barrier Bucket Cooperated with Beam Cooling
THAP20 Vitaliy Gostishchev: Internal Target Effects in the ESR Storage Ring with Cooling
THAP21 Rainer W. Hasse: Longitudinal Schottky Signals of Cold Systems with Low Number of Particles
THAP22 Markus Steck: Limitations of the Observation of Beam Ordering

Contributions with names in parentheses indicate, than the author is not yet registered to the conference.