This is a list of contributions. The abstracts and contributions, as far as released are available at the procedings site.

Monday First Morning Session

09:00 Begin of Session.
09:30 Paul F. Derwent: Status of the Recycler Ring
10:00 Pavel Belochitskii: Status of the Antiproton Decelerator and of the ELENA Project at CERN
10:30 End of Session.

Monday Second Morning Session

11:00 Alexei Fedotov: Progress of High-energy Electron Cooling for RHIC
11:30 Anatoly O. Sidorin: Cooling Simulations with the BETACOOL Code
12:00 Christina Dimopoulou: Longitudinal Accumulation of Ion Beams in the ESR Supported by Electron Cooling
12:30 End of Session.

Monday First Afternoon Session

14:00 Mike Brennan: Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling at RHIC
14:30 Hans Stockhorst: Stochastic Cooling for the HESR at FAIR
15:00 Fritz Nolden: Stochastic Cooling for the FAIR Project
15:30 End of Session.

Monday Second Afternoon Session

16:00 Valeri A. Lebedev: Antiproton Production and Accumulation
16:30 Dag Reistad: Calculations on High-energy Electron Cooling in the HESR
17:00 Lionel R. Prost: Electron Cooling Status and Characterization at Fermilab's Recycler
17:30 End of Session.

Tuesday First Morning Session

09:00 Gerard Tranquille: Cooling Results from LEIR
09:30 Xiaodong Yang: Commissioning of Electron Cooling in CSRm
10:00 V. Vasi. Parkhomchuk: Comparison of Hollow Electron Device and Electron Heating
10:30 End of Session.

Tuesday Second Morning Session

11:00 Rolland P. Johnson: Ionization Cooling
11:30 Jean-Sebas. Graulich: MICE, the international Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
12:00 Andrew M. Sessler: Cooling Scheme for a Muon Collider
12:30 End of Session.

Tuesday First Afternoon Session

14:00 Hiromi Okamoto: Theoretical Study of Emittance Transfer
14:30 Alexander V. Smirnov: Necessary Condition for Beam Ordering
15:00 Jie Wei: High-Energy Colliding Crystals - A Theoretical Study
15:30 End of Session.

Tuesday Second Afternoon Session

16:00 Dieter Möhl: Introduction to the Session on Lattice Optimization for Stochastic Cooling
16:25 Jie Wei: A Split-Function Lattice for Stochastic Cooling
16:50 Yury Senichev: Lattice Modifications for Optimized Stochastic Cooling in COSY and HESR
17:15 Alexeii Dolinskii: Lattice Considerations for Collector and Accumulator Rings of the FAIR
17:40 Vladim. P. Nagaslaev: Lattice Optimization for the Stochastic Cooling in the Accumulator Ring at Fermilab
18:00 End of Session.

Wednesday First Morning Session

09:00 Andriy G. Kobets: Status of the LEPTA Project
09:30 Wilbur Franklin: Optical Stochastic Cooling Experiment at the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring
10:00 Stefan Sorge: Analysis of Resonances Induced by the SIS-18 Electron Cooler
10:30 End of Session.

Wednesday Second Morning Session

11:00 David Bruhwiler: Status of VORPAL Friction Force Simulations for the RHIC II Cooler
11:30 Michael Blaskiewicz: Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling Simulations and Comparison with Data
12:00 Giancarlo Maero: Simulation of Cooling Mechanisms of Highly-charged Ions in the HITRAP Cooler Trap
12:30 End of Session.

Thursday First Morning Session

09:00 Christian Carli: Commissioning and Performance of LEIR
09:30 Toshiyuki Shirai: Electron Cooling Experiments at S-LSR
10:00 Dieter Krämer: Status of the FAIR Project
10:30 End of Session.

Thursday Second Morning Session

11:00 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev: Progress with Tevatron Electron Lenses
11:30 Yaroslav S. Derbenev: Use of an Electron Beam for Stochastic Cooling
12:00 Vladimir B. Reva: Electron Beams as Stochastic 3D Kickers
12:30 End of Session.

Thursday Afternoon Teatime Talk

17:00 Fritz Bosch: Exciting New Physics with Stored and Cooled Single Ions
18:00 End of Session.

Friday First Morning Session

09:00 Akira Noda: Present Status and Recent Activity on Laser Cooling at S-LSR
09:30 Michael Bussmann: Schottky Noise Signal and Momentum Spread for Laser-Cooled Beams at Relativistic Energies
10:00 Dmitry Orlov: Electron Cooling with Photocathode Electron Beams Applied to Slow Ions at TSR and CSR
10:30 End of Session.

Friday Second Morning Session

11:00 Håkan Danared: Studies of Cooling and Deceleration at CRYRING for FLAIR
11:30 Takeshi Katayama: Simulation Study of Ion Beam Accumulation with Moving Barrier Bucket assisted with Electron Cooling
12:00 Alexei Fedotov: Electron Cooling Simulations for Low-energy RHIC Operation
12:30 End of Session.

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