Author Information

The program of the workshop will consist of oral and poster presentations. After the abstract submission deadline, the program committee will decide which papers are suitable for oral presentation. Papers, which are not presented at the workshop, will be excluded from the proceedings.

The workshop proceedings will be published with JACoW, the Joint Accelerator Conferences Website. Every submitting author must be the owner of a JACoW profile prior to submitting an abstract.

The paper should not exceed five pages for invited talks or four pages for poster contributions and other talks.

The poster boards have a height of two meters and a width of one meter. This is the maximum area available. We will supply mounting material for your poster.

The abstract submission has closed since June 09, 2007. For late submissions please contact the workshop office. Please don't send abstracts to this address.

Click here to check your JACoW profile or edit an abstract. For further informations and templates, please visit the JACoW-website.